November 10, 2013

BUSINESS NEWS: Students Cite Fit, Passion in Choice of Career

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The Sun asked Cornell seniors about their future employment prospects and why they decided to pursue a particular job industry.

“I will be working with Bloomberg L.P. in New York City. I interned there last summer … I really appreciated the fact that I was given the freedom of implementing a very challenging project in my own way that is still in production today and being developed further.” — Aparna Pande ’14

“As a communication major, my passion is in storytelling and my industry is journalism. I am fascinated by the way words, photography and videos come together to tell a story. In particular, I am interested in reporting about fashion, entertainment and pop culture. I previously interned at Teen Vogue and would very much like to return to one of the many incredible Condé Nast brands. Other than that, I am also actively pursuing opportunities at NBC — it would be a dream to work at E! Entertainment as Giuliana Rancic has been such as inspiration to me as an aspiring journalist.” — Emilyn Teh ’14

“I have accepted a job working for [Ernst & Young] in their [Human Resources] consulting practice in New York. As an ILRie interested in business and working with people, EY’s HR consulting practice is the perfect fit for my skills and interests. I interned at EY this past summer in their HR consulting practice and really enjoyed the challenging nature of the work as well as the culture of the firm.” — Rachel Medin ’14

“I love the collaborative and person-focused nature of the hospitality industry. The job of everyone in the tourism industry, at the end of the day, is to make the traveler happy. I’ve been lucky enough to have had a couple of great internship experiences and some great bosses. It’s thanks to these experiences that I can say confidently that I am looking forward to a career in sales and in the hospitality industry.” — Tejal Thakkar ’14