November 11, 2013

Written in the…Stacks: 20 Profound Pieces of Cornell Chicken Scratch

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What makes our time at Cornell such an impressive feat? And what are we saying at our weakest moments or our happiest? Answers to these questions come in the form of scrawl and scratches on worn out desks and walls. Perhaps the key to the mind of a Cornellian lies in the stacks, in wandering thoughts and weighty bits of phrasing. In a brief collection of desk jargon from level B of the Uris stacks, here it is folks, Cornell minds in the raw. (“-” signifies a reply.)

1.     “It’s all about the pursuit of Knowledge.”

2.    “Worker bees can leave, even drones can fly away, the queen is their slave.”

3.    “Thesis = death”

4.    “I hope I have a high paying, fulfilling job after this shit.”

5.    “Death is certain, Life is not.”

6.    “I like cocker spaniels.”

7.    “We are what we continually do.”

8.    “At any given moment, instant, you are, then, what you are feeling.”


-“Expectations are what makes you unhappy, be your own person, create your own ambition”

10.  “WTF am I reading”

11.  “We don’t need no education, we don’t need no thought control”

12.  “I just don’t want to be alone.”

-“You’re not.”

13.  “I am a guy who likes other men.”

14.  “Never give up”

15.  “Fuck Chem and Shakespeare”

16.  “Perseverance”

17.  “The only way to succeed is to run around naked”

18.  “Why?”


-“Why not?”

19.  “Love is an illusion.”

20.  “Keystone”