November 25, 2013

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR | Article Removed From Website

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Yesterday, we removed a Nov. 25 arts article titled, “‘Get a Job’: At the Schwartz Center, Will Gluck ’93 Tells It Like It Is” from our website. The article, which also appeared in print Monday, contained coverage of a Q&A session led by film director and screenwriter Will Gluck ’93.

Unbeknownst to The Sun, Gluck was under the impression — per a prior arrangement with those responsible for the event — that his talk would be completely closed to the press. Student organizers and any Schwartz Center staff who corresponded with Gluck about his expectations did not properly communicate these restrictions to the public. The event was publicly advertised on social media as being free and open to the Cornell community. No formal disclaimer was given at the beginning of the event to inform the audience that Gluck’s talk was off-the-record. The Sun acted within our rights as an independent news organization to attend and report on what was promoted as public event.

Nonetheless, we realize that Gluck, a Cornell alumnus who spoke candidly to students about his work — including a movie that is still in production — would not have done so if he had known the event was being covered by the media. We have no desire to inflict unnecessary damage on Gluck’s career, and we do not want to discourage public figures from lending their expertise to Cornellians who aspire to follow in their footsteps. For these reasons, we honored Gluck’s request to pull the story off of our website.

We stand completely by the actions of the writer and editors who were responsible for the original article.

— R.L.H.