December 4, 2013

Food That Warms the Soul: The Best Food for Surviving the Cold

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Though as a pair of gloves and a scarf around your neck can keep you warm, there’s nothing like a full cup of your favorite winter drink to leave you feeling cozy and snug on your walk to class. You may already have your go-to drink, whether it’s a steaming cup of green tea or a rich concoction that doubles as your dessert. But those of you who are finding yourselves already in a winter slump or looking to switch things up, or even for those who are just now starting the search for a signature beverage, here are a few suggestions sure to keep you warm and, even more importantly, satisfied.

Wooleybear from Manndibles’ Café

Manndibles’ original creation is one from a list of signature drinks the café has, and its taste is sure to leave an impression. The Wooleybear is a raspberry and chocolate breve, which is an espresso drink made with half-and-half cream instead of regular milk. With this increase in calories also comes a guaranteed surge in richness and tastiness, but makes it almost impossible to finish the entire 16-ounce heavy beverage that is also adorned with homemade whipped cream. The raspberry and chocolate flavors stayed consistent and present throughout the entire drink, but ended up making the breve seem more like a thicker hot chocolate than a caffeinated espresso drink. If sweet, creamy drinks are your style this winter, try the Wooleybear, just maybe in a smaller size.

Soyder from Collegetown Bagels

The Soyder is an unexpected, yet pleasantly surprising, combination of hot cider with frothy soy milk, topped with a dash of cinnamon. Located under the Winter Warm-Up section of the menu, this simple yet to-the-point drink does exactly what the menu says it will. The straightforwardness of this beverage is both what I liked most and what I liked least about it: as a 20-ounce beverage, it does tend to get a bit monotonous with each sip, yet the two ingredients put together unexpectedly perfect each other. Though I wish the cinnamon that was promised were a bit more present, as the Soyder could have benefited from a little more spice, the drink proved to be an understated item on CTB’s menu that could pair perfectly with just about anything else on the menu.

Royal London Fog from Stella’s

As a fairly new fan of all kinds of tea, I had a hard time deciding which tea beverage to order from Stella’s list of many. This spin on the classic Earl Grey tea includes steamed milk and ginger, vanilla and black walnut syrup, making it anything but bland. The steamed milk gives the drink a latté feel, without the harshness of any coffee taste or the dreaded effects of coffee breath, but the various flavors still give it a kick similar to that of a chai beverage. The drink was pleasant and balanced without being too sweet or rich, and left me thinking of the upcoming holiday season. Stella’s other tea drinks, which include other combinations with green and rooibos teas, are next on my list of things to try. I have no doubt that they’ll keep me warm during the winter months, too.


As the semester moves into its final weeks, the snow and frosty temperatures are beginning to descend on campus. I crave comforting, warm meals this time of year, and soup is one of my go-to choices. Over the year, I’ve discovered three locations on- and off-campus that have been my favorite places to find a delicious, hot bowl of soup.

Arielle Cruz / Sun Staff Photographer