January 8, 2014

Da’Quan: Hate Him or Love Him

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We get it. Cornell can be lame. A big thank you to Lucas Brody (otherwise known by his stage name, Da’Quan Carter the Fourth Junior) for reminding us. But, we are not as sucky as he makes us out to be.

If you’ve never heard of Da’Quan, its time to check out his series of Youtube videos that capture the blinged out prankster reeking havoc on college campuses. On December 9, he posted a video called, “Da’Quan: Hate It or Love It,” documenting his adventures at Cornell University and Ithaca College.

The video opens with Da’Quan bumpin’ on a picnic table during Cortaca at Ithaca, and then flashes back and forth between him partying at the tailgate and attempting to chat with students as they walk to Olin Library at Cornell. You could probably guess which school he got the best vibe from.

At Cortaca, the girls twerk, flirt and compliment the Internet sensation. On Ho Plaza, the girls either move briskly around Da’Quan, dodging his comical advances as if he were a violent criminal, or awkwardly absorb his words in silence.

Da’Quan’s discovery that Ithaca girls are much more fun than the women of Cornell should not have come as a surprise. But, can the dude cut us a little break? I know that we were “mad standoffish,” but in all fairness the girls here were heading to the library, while at Ithaca they were getting drunk … slightly different situations.

We can be slightly more fun than you make us out to be, Da’Quan. If you ever come back to Cornell, check out the basement of Olin instead of the entrance. We get pretty wild down there.