March 7, 2014

In Case You Missed It | Parodies and Celebrity Fun

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A lot of the Jimmys this week with a dash of Britania and southern drawls. Enjoy!

1. “Bitman Begins” — Jimmy Kimmel Live

In his post-Oscars special, Jimmy made a bunch of spoof trailers on classic YouTube videos. See if you can guess what this one is before the end…

2. “Can Anyone Understand ‘True Detective?’” — The Soup

Jeff Wingam and Dean Pelton bring us this dead-on parody of the popular HBO show for those who can’t make it through the thick southern accent and mumbo-jumbo.

3. “‘Let It Go’ w/ Classroom Instruments” — The Tonight Show

I’m gonna go ahead and say this version was sooo much better than Idina’s performance at the Oscars, but then again that wasn’t really her; we’ll just blame Adele Dazim. In any case, Idina, Jimmy and The Roots kill this playful rendition of the soon-to-be Disney classic.

4. “Norman Reedus Reads Romantic Texts” — The Tonight Show

Who hasn’t watched The Walking Dead or The Boondock Saints and thought, “I want Norman to read sexy texts to me?” Anyone? No one? Oh well, here you go anyway.

5. “Professor Sprout Gets to Know Her Fellow Guests” — The Graham Norton Show

You never know what’s going to happen when Miriam Margoyles is on the show. Last time, she sparked up a beautiful friendship with Will.I.Am after not having a clue who he was. She’s back at it with her opinions on the career of Dominic Cooper (who is amazing) and Lily Allen.