April 16, 2014

Krauthammer: Obamacare Is ‘Wasteful’

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Pulitzer Prize winner, political commentator and physician Charles Krauthammer spoke at Cornell Thursday about the future of health care and bioethics in the United States.

Krauthammer began the lecture by introducing some ethical issues he said were “interesting” — including questions that surround stem cell research and in vitro fertilization.

“The big question is whether life begins with conception,” he said. “Does the embryo gradually accrue or does life start at conception?”

According to Krauthammer, a controversy exists over stem cell research because even though it may hold “promise” in finding cures for diseases, some may consider these actions as violating human rights.

During the Bush Administration, according to Krauthammer, there was “hype and partisanship” surrounding stem cell research — with the notion that it was a step away from relieving the suffering of many and that those labeled “anti-science” were holding this movement back.

Krauthammer also introduced his position on another highly-debated bioethical issue — assisted suicide.

Doctor doctor | Dr. Charles Krauthammer speaks about the future of health care in Statler Auditorium Wednesday. (Diana Mak / Sun Staff Photographer)