May 1, 2014

AROUND THE GORGE | On Sterling, Pineda and More Of This Week’s Shenanigans

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Welcome to the second edition of Around the Gorge: Sun Sports Banter with Emily and Lisa. Now that we’ve officially been renewed, several pressing questions await: Will we hit a sophomore slump? Will we pull a Kwame Brown and move past a disappointing start only to continuously flame out in pursuit of the Nirvana level of underachievement? Is LeBron balding or is his forehead simply migrating towards the back of his head? Does anyone even read this? Do we even write this?

L.A.: Just in case you skipped out on our first edition, I’m Lisa Awaitey. Professional nonprofessional and Nobel Prize winner in quick comebacks.

Barton Silverman / The New York TimesYankees pitcher Michael Pineda has been in the news a lot recently for using some sub-par judgement, similar to Drew Barrymore in 50 First Dates, according to Emily Berman ’16.