September 7, 2014

Student Assembly, Smart Yogurt to Hold Outreach Event on Ho Plaza This Week

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The Student Assembly — in partnership with frozen yogurt chain Smart Yogurt — will host a four-day-long outreach event on Ho Plaza beginning Tuesday.

Thousands of samples of frozen yogurt will be handed out from Sept. 9 to Sept. 12, according to Lindsay Wershaw ’16, vice president of public relations for the S.A. Free yogurt vouchers for Smart Yogurt’s Ithaca Mall location will also be distributed.

According to Wershaw, one of the event’s purposes will be for students to become familiar with the S.A. and its initiatives.

“A lot of times, students will wonder who the S.A. is and what we actually do,” she said. “When I was elected internally as the vice president of public relations, I knew that one of the first projects I would work on [would be] a huge outreach event to gather student interest in the S.A.”

Wershaw — who is also the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences representative for the S.A. — said the event would also help to increase awareness of Smart Yogurt as a business.

“Smart Yogurt is a locally-owned business … [they have not] seen as much traffic as they have wanted to at the Ithaca Mall location, so through the free vouchers we hope to especially target freshmen and transfer students,” she said.

According to Yamini Bhandari ’17, vice president of outreach and women’s representative for the S.A., students will be able to express their opinions and offer recommendations to the assembly at the event.

“Along with the frozen yogurt, we ask students to fill out a brief survey on what they think the S.A. should be working on or things they would like to see happen on campus, which helps our representatives work on initiatives to better serve students,” she said.

According to Bhandari and Wershaw, the event also aims to reach out to students who may be interested in running for a position in the S.A.’s upcoming fall elections.

“Our dual purpose for this outreach event is to increase our applicant pool during the fall elections while also increasing committee applications,” Wershaw said. “We have elections coming up in two weeks with committee applications due Sept. 12, so it’s great to let students know who we are.”