October 2, 2014

BERRY PATCH: There are Better Things Worth Waiting For

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This week, students waited in line for over 24 hours outside of Ithaca Renting Company in order to secure housing for the 2015-16 academic year (causing seniors to be both nostalgic and grateful that they do not have to endure the Collegetown Housing rush again). While the apartments are lauded as more affordable and well-located — who likes walking up Dryden Road — we at The Sun believe that there are, as the title states, better things worth waiting for.  So we sent our best Berry Patch reporters — who actually have not signed leases for next year because they got in line at Ithaca Renting Company too late — to see what other things for which students are willing to wait.

Delicious Crepes: Launched by two Cornellians, Forrest Crawford ’15 and Max Richman ’11, Collegetown Crepes provides a whole other dimension to food offerings in Collegetown. While Collegetown Pizza and Collegetown Bagels will always have a special place in our hearts, they will have to make room for Collegetown Crepes — or CTC as we should be calling it. While there might be a line, CTC is a lot closer to Dunbar’s so that’s pretty fantastic.

Alcohol Deliveries: Speaking of Cornellians doing cool things in Collegetown, Lara Crystal ’03 and her business partner Lindsey Andrews are bringing an app-based service called Minibar to Ithaca, which will allow all kinds of alcohol to be delivered to your door in under an hour. Residents over 21 are rejoicing, saying that they are just too lazy to walk or drive to the liquor store. So while you do have to wait, the convenience is unmatched.

Tickets to Hear Bill Gates Speak: Like at Ithaca Renting, people began to wait in line for Bill Gates tickets at Willard Straight Hall. While the waiting might be the same in principle, at least you get to see Bill Gates speak, right?

Rulloff’s to Reopen: While still a sore subject, we at The Sun still have faith that Rulloff’s will reopen after it closed suddenly at the beginning of the semester. If and when it does, it will be well worth the wait.