October 4, 2014

FASHION FRIDAY | An Autumnal Break Assignment

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Next weekend is Fall Break, and I think I speak for the masses when I say it’s seriously necessary. It’s wild to think that we’re already heading into our seventh week of school, with a handful of prelims, summer, and some guy named Bill Gates all in the past. You’re probably feeling run down, even if you’re too busy to notice it, so this much-needed mini break is a great time to recuperate. If you’re going home, I feel you; I plan to snuggle with my dog and veg hardcore. If you’re staying here, I encourage you to take a much needed trip to the spa, or Wegman’s, or, like, just lay on your couch and relax, too. Your body will thank you for it when finals hit (can’t wait!). However, Fall Break is NOT all fun and games and Netflix, my friends. It’s a seriously important time to take a look at and reassess your wardrobe. The days of sun may be lingering, but do not be fooled by the devious Ithaca weather: parka season is upon us. Take these tips and return looking fall-ready.

1. Sayonara Summer Stuff: There are certain wardrobe staples that are all-seasonal, and bless the Fashion Gods for that. However, there are certain pieces that feel and look completely inappropriate in their off-season. Would you wear mittens and fur trimmed coats in the summer? Even if you were really cold? Of course not. So, even on those fluke-warm days in October, and maybe even November (God willing), it isn’t OK to whip out crop tops, gauzy dresses, tropical prints, etc. Pieces that are clearly summer staples should be cleared from your closet, and brought home if possible (unless you’re into clutter — not cute). Now, that is not to say you can’t keep some tanks around for layering, or rocking at the gym or something; basics are fine year round. Additionally, maybe keep something uber-summery around in the event that some masochistic party is beach themed in November (also not cute). For the most part, though, if you wore it O-Week, it’s probably time to say good-bye.

2. What’s Trendy and What’s Trusted: I typically prefer fall trends over those I see any other season. I love the layering, the rich colors, the surprising new touches and, most of all, the plethora of new boots each fall brings. However, I know that I’m not Karlie Kloss (which is so unfair) and everything doesn’t work for my body or my skin tone or my style. I find what I like, what looks good on me, and then I stick to it, while also rocking my favorite old furs, boots, hillbilly-trapper hat, and signature black circle scarf. What works for you? I’m sure you have a piece you break out every fall that both displays your style and keeps you cozy. Loves it! Over the break, though, check out what’s in and see if you fall (ha-ha) in love with any looks. If you’re like me, maybe you’ll plan to invest in a pair of boots that are so this season; maybe you’ll find the perfect shirt-dress that will keep you looking effortlessly chic all of autumn. All you need is one or two special new pieces to seriously revamp your wardrobe for the season, and keep you feeling (seasonally) confident.

3. Hocus Pocus: is a great movie. Maybe you’ll watch it over fall break. And if you do, a startling realization will come over you: Halloween is coming! I personally loooove Halloween, but, whether you do or not (you grinch!), it’s a pretty big deal here, just like at any other college. There’s no question I’m going to devote an entire column to this very serious and significant topic, but I will give you some brief advice now. You will end up planning two costumes really well and feel super proud of them, but there will be an estimated three other nights you decide to go out and draw a blank. Stock up on random stuff over break that can easily pass for a costume on those nights where you’re not even masking the fact that you’re not really trying. I won’t even shame you if it’s just a pair of ears ‘cause you’re a mouse, duh.

There you have it. I wish you zero intellectual thinking over break because you’ve earned it, but I advise you think about all the aforementioned. I mean, do you REALLY want to have to reorganize your closet and scavenge for a scarf when you have seven problem sets and thirty five pages of reading due by noon? No. You’ll thank yourself (and me — you’re welcome in advance) for getting this done, and, more importantly, you’ll look goooood. Let’s fall into an Ithaca autumn fashionably, shall we?