November 9, 2014

CRUZ | Not That Kind of Reader: Be Above Click-Bait

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This column isn’t about the news. But over the past couple of weeks reading entertainment news has been especially frustrating. I’m not talking about People Magazine or Stars or some tabloid’s debates over whether or not Jennifer Aniston is pregnant. I’m talking about the slightly more highly regarded Vulture and The Guardian types. News has always been about getting the big story, exploring things that are controversial and introducing important new topics to readers as well as giving them what they want. It is no secret that recently, and even not so recently, this idea has changed. Page views are king, controversy rules and often times the truest version of the truth gets buried by something a little more salacious. This column isn’t about the news. That has been documented enough by everything from Anchorman to Nightcrawler. This column is about us, the educated readers who flip through Twitter, Facebook and the likes reading our click-bait news and believing it.

Courtesy of Salon