Courtesy of Charlie Brundza

The Big Red Bullet bus service has temporarily suspended its route from New York City to Ithaca.

August 9, 2016

Big Red Bullet Suspends Service, Citing Bus and Website Improvements

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The Big Red Bullet bus company has suspended its service between Ithaca and New York City as it upgrades its buses and website.

The suspension began on Aug. 1 and service is expected to resume in the second half of September — although there is currently no set date — according to BRB General Manager Charlie Brundza.

The company will be adding completely new buses to its fleet, along with additional amenities that the company hopes will make its rides “more convenient and pleasurable.”

Brundza also noted that many of these changes were suggested by the service’s customers, adding that he hopes that ideas for proposed improvement continue.

In addition to infastructure changes, the BRB’s website will be improved to include more features that the company hopes will facilitate the customer experience, Brundza said.

“[Big Red Bullet] has been working hard to provide service to the riders of the Ithaca area since we ran our first routes in 2015,” Brundza said. “Over this time we have identified a number of areas that we would like to improve on to ensure that our service consistently exceeds the expectations of the Ithaca community.”