Tina He / Sun Staff Photographer

Freshmen talk about their first day of classes at Bear Necessities.

August 25, 2016

Freshmen Praise Orientation Events, Critique Dorms After First Week at Cornell

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Nearly a week after first-year students said goodbye to their families and moved into their dorm rooms for the first time, many reflected back on their initial encounters at Cornell and expressed excitement about the beginning of college.

Jessie Liu ’20 said that while she thought that a lot of freshmen on North Campus were nervous at the beginning of O-Week, meeting her classmates and residential advisor helped her feel more comfortable.

“[O-Week] was exciting, and I feel like there was a lot of nervous excitement building up to move-in day, but once I was there I got to meet my roommate and my suitemates, and I feel like it was a lot easier to settle in than I thought it would be,” Liu said.

Although many students were excited about starting their four years at Cornell, some expressed frustration at the conditions of their dorms.

Joseph Yang ’20 said his triple in a Low Rise was “a little bit crowded” and hot without air conditioning.

“I wish there [were] more bathrooms in the dorm,” Yang said. “In my suite there is only one shower and another toilet. There are seven 18-year-old men using one bathroom. It’s crowded.”

While some students were dissatisfied with their living arrangements, others commented on how much they enjoyed orientation events like game and movie nights.

“[Cornell’s freshman programs] have been pretty helpful,” Sam Frey ’20 said. “I get a lot of emails, the teachers help out a lot. Everything’s been pretty good and organized, and the orientation schedule’s helpful.”

Kate DeWinter ’20 said she appreciated the opportunity to meet people and explore campus at the different events offered this week.

“[O-Week] kept us really busy at first, so you weren’t ever sitting in your dorm,” DeWinter said. “Honestly, I thought it was pretty well organized.”

Managing to meet other freshmen in the same major was another helpful part of the week, according to Aaron Harbach ’20.

“[I felt more comfortable] when I started meeting kids who had the same major as me and wanted to do the same things with their life,” Harbach said. “[I met them] by chance, on the way to an O-Week event. It’s a very sociable environment and it’s nice to get to meet a bunch of new people easily.”

Thatcher Mowry ’20 added that although the campus seemed intense and “competitive,” he believes his classmates will also be supportive.

“Everyone’s so smart that it kind of makes you smarter,” Mowry said. “I just feel that everyone will be there for you if you need anything.”