The Ithaca Commons, where a protest of ICE's detainment of a local farm worker was held.

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The Ithaca Commons, where a protest of ICE's detainment of a local farm worker was held.

October 21, 2016

Female Victim Reportedly Attacked Near Ithaca Commons

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Ithaca police responded to an assault on the 200 block of South Geneva St. tonight, where a female victim said she was attacked while walking towards the Ithaca Commons.

At approximately 6:54 p.m., the victim said she was struck from behind in the head by an unknown person. After she fell to the ground, the attacker continued to hit her in the face and attempted to steal her purse, an Ithaca Police Department release said.

The victim “let out several loud screams,” and the attacker fled the area on foot towards Geneva and Clinton St., according to the release. She was able to retain all her property and suffered minor injuries.

Several people in the area said they heard the victim’s screams and came to her aid after the attacker had fled. The attacker was described as a “black male, possibly female, wearing jeans and a dark green hooded sweatshirt.”

The incident is currently under investigation.

  • borris batanov

    Never happened when I went to Cornell. Women were safe. Nobody got beaten, robbed, mugged. raped or killed. What happened? What’s the difference between then and now? Why has Cornell become a thug’s paradise? Who’s in charge? What scum is on the streets of Ithaca? The moral cowardice of political correctness is responsible. Day Hall is headquarters for spineless, amoral “correctness.”

    Student body was just over 12,000 and almost 100% white. (But armed blacks took over Willard Straight, a foreboding of the black nationalism and chauvinism of today, cf., Obama, BLM & Charlotte.)

    No non-white social events occurred. All campus events were color blind. Willard Straight belonged to everybody. The student union had no color or race. No identity politics existed. Nobody was killed. We got along, without resentment or victimhood. Professors didn’t dare indoctrinate, take sides or preach. (And Suzy Straight was my friend.)

    Time to get a gun. Time to defend yourself. Draw a line. This is worse than Vietnam. This is home.

    • Reality Check

      Let’s recognize that the attack covered here happened a mile from Cornell’s campus, and there’s no indication of any connection to Cornell other than being in the same city. I wonder whether the attack story deserved a position atop The Sun’s website. That said, it would be nice to know for sure whether the victim was a Cornell community member.

    • chus

      You are a retard.