May 4, 2017

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Making the impossible, possible

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To the Editor:

Being my last year at Cornell, I just wanted to say a quick thank you to all whom made it possible. Between my mom, dad, my brother, the C.U. lift drivers, some of the great professors and Student Disability Services, Cornell was an experience I will never forget.

The C.U. lift was a great asset that Cornell has; Mindy and Martha always went above and beyond what they were required to do. Not all C.U. lift drivers really care like Mindy and Martha, and without the C.U. lift, I doubt Cornell would’ve been feasible.

The professors were a mixed bag, but there were some great ones I will never forget. Professors like David Mimno, Paul Ginsparg, Hane Aung and Alex Adams never hesitated to help. They always made sure I got the help I needed and made sure the room was accessible for me.

Katherine Fahey from Student Disability Services also helped us continuously throughout the four years, between introducing us to the C.U. lift, changing room locations for accessibility reasons and making sure snow was removed whenever and wherever we needed it to be. Whenever I had a question, was looking for a tutor, needed help with my resume or finding an internship, Katherine Fahey was there to help. It was great knowing where was always a person to ask questions, even if they did not pertain to Katherine’s department, she found who was the correct person to contact.
Lastly, but most importantly I want to thank my parents, Linda and Terry Horgan, as well as my brother Richard Horgan. My parents were always there to take me back and forth to school everyday to get my Cornell education. My brother helped me from the very beginning. Richard was always there to check an essay, help me with my resume and even help me get a job after Cornell. It has not always been easy, not living on campus, having to go back to Ithaca for study periods and office hours, but because of my family, we did it. Everyone had an important role in making sure I completed Cornell, and for that I say thank you.


Terrence Horgan ’17