Courtesy of Cornell University

Concept art for what the Cocktail Lounge will look like after renovations.

January 25, 2019

Library Director Outlines Alternate 24-Hour Study Spaces Besides Cocktail Lounge

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After the pop closing of the beloved Cocktail Lounge in Uris Library, students may rest assured that various other study areas on campus will remain open for overnight study.

Various libraries across campus already have 24-hour study spaces available, according to Prof. Bonna Boettcher, director of Olin and Uris Libraries, including several spaces also located in Uris Library.

“The Cocktail Lounge is only one of several spaces in Uris that is open 24 hours,” Boettcher told The Sun. Other late-night study spaces in Uris include three computer labs, the Kirby Room and the Fiske. All are located downstairs on the Gallery Floor, which is accessible from the library entrance.

On other parts of campus, the Engineering Library in Carpenter Hall and the Mann Library lobby next to Manndible Cafe are also open 24-hours. However, the Mann Library lobby requires a Cornell student identification card swipe after midnight to access.

The director calls these spaces “24/5,” open all day and all night on Sundays through Thursdays. When finals seasons approach, however, library hours extend from five days a week to seven.

According to Boettcher, these spaces are overseen by library administration until security officials take over at 1 a.m. After this point, students are required to present proof of enrollment with a Cornell-issued identification card.

For students looking for a designated quiet late-night study space, Boettcher recommends the Clark Library located in 290 Clark Hall. Unlike the other 24-hour spaces, Clark Library is open seven days a week all semester.

“I’ve only been up there a couple of times myself, but it’s really quite a pleasant space,” Boettcher said.

On-campus all-nighters have always been an option for students outside of the Cocktail Lounge. According to Boettcher, these libraries and study spaces have been holding late-night hours for several years now.

“The Cocktail Lounge itself is a very, very popular area,” Boettcher said. “But really, even in Uris it’s a small part of the space that has been open for overnight study.”

Find a complete list of library and study space hours here.