Ashley He / Sun Staff Photographer

Tompkins County said the risk of COVID-19 in the region remains low at a Monday press conference. The county reported its third confirmed case of COVID-19 on Tuesday.

March 17, 2020

Tompkins County Health Department Confirms Third Case of COVID-19

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The Tompkins County Health Department announced on Tuesday a third confirmed case of COVID-19 in the county. The individual is now in isolation as their samples are further tested.

There are currently 69 individuals in Tompkins County awaiting test results for the novel coronavirus and 82 are under quarantine. Last Saturday, the health department announced its first case — an individual who is a member of the Ithaca College community. The second confirmed COVID-19 case in the area is also affiliated with the college.

In response to the growing spread of the novel coronavirus, the Cayuga Health System partnered with Tompkins County to open a drive-through screening facility for emergency departments, primary care offices and urgent care offices in order to expand coronavirus testing.