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SMITH | Caring for Our Minds In the Time of Coronavirus

It’s no easy feat to write about mental health in the midst of a global pandemic. There is fear, frustration, sadness and so many different experiences in society right now, and I cannot hope to capture them all. Every single student at Cornell has been impacted by the decision to move to online classes and evacuate campus. I am one of the few students who is staying in their dorm, and it’s been a bittersweet experience to send goodbye texts and watch friends load cars in this time of social distancing. It all feels too fast, too soon and too unreal.


Quarantine Cooking Across the Country

When the Food System Fails — Minneapolis, Minn. My mother is a stubborn and hard working Lutheran, born and raised in Minnesota. Growing up, her mother, grandmother and aunts would always be making buns, biscuits, cookies, cakes, pies, loaves and hot dishes of all kinds. These were staples, found fresh or frozen at all times, because they make you feel at home. These are foods you make to endure stressful times, and no time in my life has been as tough as right now.