Hound and Mare Cafe located at 118 N Aurora St, Ithaca, NY 14850 (Julia Nagel/Sun Assistant Photography Editor).

March 15, 2021

Hound and Mare Reinvigorates Ithaca’s Breakfast Scene

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Located in the Ithaca Commons on Aurora St., Hound and Mare is a new local cafe and bakery that offers a plethora of choices ranging from house-made pastries and coffee to famous bagel sandwiches. When I first walked through the door, I was immediately overwhelmed by the smell of fresh baked goods. The store was playing soft jazz music, which perfectly matched the classic interior with brick walls and wide windows. Each table was spread 6 feet apart and had mini bottles of sanitizer on them. With its cozy interior and COVID safe environment, I instantly felt at ease and comforted by the store’s atmosphere.  

With a minimalist yet intriguing and creative menu, I took my time viewing the different bagel sandwich options. From greasy bacon sandwiches to avocado toasts, there was a wide variety of options to choose from. I debated getting the OG sandwich, which consisted of either bacon or sausage stuffed in with egg and cheese. The Los Feliz sandwich also caught my eye with its roasted shishito peppers, tomato butter spread, bacon, egg and shallots. I ended up ordering the Pacific, a bagel sandwich filled with crispy kale, tomato, an over easy egg and honey-whipped feta on an everything bagel. I also ordered their cinnamon latte with oat milk. 

When my bagel arrived, I was shocked. In the white cardboard box was an everything bagel with kale, tomato, honey-whipped feta and a gooey, runny egg sandwiched in the middle. I took a big bite of the sandwich and a burst of salty and sweet flavors instantly exploded on my tongue. The honey-whipped feta perfectly complemented the savory everything bagel,the kale was crispy and the egg’s runny yolk added a layer of creaminess to every bite. 

To wash down the bagel’s grease, I would take a sip of my coffee, which balanced everything with a splash of sweetness in my mouth. The cinnamon latte was not overly sweet and had the perfect balance of cinnamon and sugar. 

In about five minutes, my entire sandwich was gone and I was perfectly satisfied. Although I wanted to try some of the house-made pastries like the snickerdoodle cookie or even the croissants I smelled when I first walked in, I was absolutely stuffed in the best way possible. Not too full and not too hungry, I left Hound and Mare with hopes of coming back and trying more of their different sandwiches.  

Overall, Hound and Mare is a perfect place to grab a simple lunch. Its comforting interior offers window seats as well as lights to set the mood. Hound and Mare makes a great study spot that will help you concentrate, but also acts as a nice, intimate area for couples as well. Whether you’re craving a satisfying bagel sandwich or some delicious pastries, Hound and Mare will offer you a delicious experience at an affordable price point. 

Grace Kim is a first-year in the School of Hotel Administration. She can be reached at [email protected].

Editor’s note: The title of this article had to be changed for accuracy.