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Students enjoy the music at Slope Day on May 10, 2023. With increased funding, the Slope Day Programming Board hopes to bring popular artists to campus this May.

October 24, 2023

Slope Day Programming Board Releases 2024 Artist Selection Form After Increased Funding

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The Slope Day Programming Board released a survey of potential artists to headline Slope Day to the student body on Thursday, Oct. 19. The form features student submission recommendations for both genre and performer.

In early September, the SDPB released an initial survey, which allowed students to suggest genres from a predetermined list and original artists to perform. The new survey asked for student preferences for famous artists they would like to see at Slope Day based on popular suggestion results from the September form.  

Student responses to the previous poll totaled 4,818, with the three most popular genres among the student body being Rap, Pop and EDM. The new survey includes artists selected from the first survey, featuring all three genres, including Gunna, Chief Keef, Trippie Redd, Lil Yachty, Kesha, Clairo, Kehlani, Diplo and ODESZA. As of Oct. 24, SDPB told The Sun the artists’ leading in votes are Flo Rida, Kesha, Diplo, A Boogie Wit da Hoodie, Jason Derulo and ODESZA. With a recent budget increase to $715,000, SDPB aims to enhance the Slope Day experience and deliver an enjoyable event with available funds doubled from $315,000 last year. 

SDPB told The Sun that $350,000 from the budget is allocated to talent. The remaining amount of the money will be allotted as follows: security and safety fence surrounding the slope ($44,927), Porta Potties ($22,570), administrative costs include Slope Fest (vendors, food, free giveaways, festival items, etc.), alternative Slope Day ($6952.47), RV dressing rooms for performers ($11,851.75 for three performers) and anything that may be on an artist’s rider. 

As a staple Cornellian tradition since 1902, many students were excited to see that the Slope Day line-up included more recognizable artists compared to last year.

“The options are great. I loved all the rap and R&B artists that they put there, mostly rap, and then I’m a big fan of EDM, so I’m hoping that we get one of the bigger artists from that list,” said Alessandra Kaestner ’25. 

Kiran Ganga ’24, a student who attended Slope Day 2023, shared an appreciation for the financial budget outlined in the email, which provides a sense of transparency for students.  

“There are definitely more options that cater to the Cornell population better than last year,” Ganga said. “A big part of it is just transparency in terms of how Slope Day works and how finding an artist works in general, so I think that keeping that transparent will hopefully lead to a better Slope Day.” 

Ganga also stated that having more funding for artists would be well received with the student body.

“The student population generally would probably like to see talent occupy a larger piece of the pie,” Ganga said. In a statement to The Sun, the SDPB said the University determined the allocation of this year’s funding and prioritized logistical and administrative costs over talent, despite pleas from SDPB for more money towards booking an artist. 

“The Slope Day Programming Board advocated for a larger talent budget, but we did not decide on the exact budget in any spending category,” the SDPB said in their statement.

As a first-year student, Jack Cannone ’27 was thrilled to learn that his first Slope Day could feature such renowned artists.  

“The artists this year, I know most of them, so I feel like it’s a much better selection than last year,” Cannone said. Last year’s Slope Day featured COIN, Snakehips and Coco & Clair Clair.

Keeping up with tradition, Slope Day will take place on Libe Slope and despite initial concerns about construction ongoing near the clocktower, Slope Fest will occur on Ho Plaza.

The SDPB said these surveys are used to gather student interests and preferences, but they cannot guarantee the most popular artists selected will be available. 

“Although the survey features a comprehensive list of artists that are feasible for the event and within our scope, we have not confirmed any availability,” the statement said. “We are using the answers to this survey for research and to guide our booking processes. The schedules/demands of these artists are subject to change.” 

Isabella Hanson ’27 is a Sun contributor and can be reached at [email protected].

Marisa Aratingi ’27 is a Sun contributor and can be reached at [email protected].