Sun Multimedia Department

March 21, 2024

MULTIMEDIA | Sun Sessions with Good Head

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The band Good Head performs their original songs in the latest Sun Session. In collaboration with Electric Buffalo Records, a student-run, not-for-profit record label, each Sun Session aims to spotlight the musical talents of Cornell students.

Nick Wilson ’26, Vincent Tedesco ’26, Owen Mowry ’26, Joseph Wolff ’26 and Will Moss ’26 performed three original songs, “Super Celsius,” “JoeBass” and “Klimbe.” Wolff and Tedesco kickstarted Good Head’s journey following a chance encounter in a bowling class. Tedesco connected with Moss through a mutual friend. Mowry joined the group a year ago, and Wilson, who lives down the hall from Wolff, completed the lineup two months ago.

Looking ahead, Good Head is preparing for shows at Deep Dive on March 23 and at the Sacred Root Kava Lounge and Tea Bar on April 13. Good Head hopes to release an EP before the end of the semester.

Set against the backdrop of the WVBR-FM station’s “vinyl room,” Sun Sessions offer an intimate and cozy musical experience, offering a glimpse into the diverse musical landscape on campus.

Produced by Emma May, Marian Caballo
Edited by Emma May
Filmed by Emma May, Lily Baird and Brayan Angomas
Sound by Will Swartzentruber
Interview by Lily Josephson