April 18, 2024

EDITORIAL | What an Editorial Is — and Isn’t

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Personally harassing members of a student-run newspaper over the content of an editorial is immature and unacceptable, especially when those members were not involved in the creation of that editorial. Only the editor in chief, associate editor and opinion editor write editorials at The Sun. 

It’s vitally important that the Cornell campus understands the deliberative process that goes into writing Sun editorials. So here’s what you should know about what a Sun editorial is — and isn’t. 

The Sun is a newspaper that embraces different perspectives on the issues that matter. Editorials that appear in The Sun don’t necessarily represent the personal viewpoints of every member of The Sun. 

Editorials serve as a testament to our paper’s long-standing values. They are a way for the Editorial Board of The Sun to take a stand when history calls for it. They are a voice for what The Sun as an institution believes in. The Editorial Board, which consists of the editor in chief, associate editor and opinion editor, work closely together to produce editorials that are bold and well-researched. 

It should never be assumed that the opinions outlined in any given editorial speak for every member of The Sun individually. Editorials also are entirely independent of The Sun’s news coverage, meaning that the views they express have no influence on the facts of objective news stories or the process that goes into writing and reporting on them. 

The Cornell Daily Sun has been a fiercely independent, community-driven organization for 143 years, and editorials are one important way The Sun has remained that force for positive change all along.

The Cornell Daily Sun’s Editorial Board is a collaborative team composed of the Editor in Chief, Associate Editor and Opinion Editor. The Editorial Board’s opinions are informed by expertise, research and debate to represent The Sun’s long-standing values. The Sun’s editorials are independent of its news coverage, other columnists and advertisers.

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