April 24, 2024

BREAKING: Claire Ting ’25 Disqualification Appeal Rejected, Two More S.A. Presidential Candidates Disqualified

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Update, 4/25, 1:30 a.m.: The Student Assembly Elections Committee has approved Audrey Pinard’s ’25 appeal with an 8-0-0 vote, and she has been reinstated in the presidential race. Read our updated coverage here.

In what was once a five-candidate race for Student Assembly president, only two candidates remain — Zora deRham ’27 and Getulio Gonzalez-Mulattieri ’25.

Student Assembly presidential candidate Claire Ting ’25’s disqualification appeal has been denied in a 7-1-0 vote, and candidates Audrey Pinard ’25 and Emily D’Angelo ’25 have been disqualified from the S.A. elections.

Ting’s appeal came in response to her April 15 disqualification from the presidential race due to violating election rules by leaking personal documents with the alleged goal of intimidating other potential candidates. Her disqualification ends her final attempt to be considered for president. 

Pinard was also disqualified after being found in violation of election rules.

Pinard began campaigning on Instagram on April 5, which was 10 days before the designated campaign and voting period began. This is a violation of the election rules, which do not permit the promotion of a candidate “through email, social media or other digital media” prior to the start of this period. 

She was disqualified by the S.A. Elections Committee in a unanimous vote. However, Pinard has begun the process to appeal her disqualification, according to Luke Thomas ’27, director of elections. Thomas told The Sun that “Audrey’s appeal certainly provides context which we were not aware of when the Elections Committee originally made the decision to disqualify her, and we plan to meet to address this as soon as possible.”

D’Angelo was disqualified due to her inability to complete mandatory tabling hours by the required date. S.A. presidential candidates are required to complete 2.5 hours of tabling, during which candidates sit at a location determined by the elections committee to answer questions and engage with students.

According to the report, D’Angelo had completed zero hours of tabling. She was disqualified in a unanimous vote.

Sources close to the elections committee stated that the committee attempted to contact D’Angelo multiple times, but she failed to complete the requirements properly regardless.

Update, 4/24, 10:30 a.m.: This article has been updated to include information about Audrey Pinard’s ’25 appeal process to her disqualification.