April 24, 2024

BREAKING: Student Assembly Elections Committee Unanimously Approves Presidential Candidate Audrey Pinard’s ’25 Disqualification Appeal

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Audrey Pinard ’25 is back in the race for Student Assembly president.

Pinard’s appeal against her disqualification was passed by the elections committee in a vote of 8-0-0. She has been readmitted into the presidential race, running against Zora deRham ’27 and Getulio Gonzalez-Mulattieri ’25.

Pinard was initially disqualified after sharing campaign-related posts on Instagram 10 days before the designated campaigning and voting period began. Early campaigning “through email, social media or other digital media” is a violation of the election rules

The posts were initially released on April 5. However, according to Pinard’s appeal — as verified by sources close to the Elections Committee — these posts were archived nearly immediately after their release and before being viewed by any potential voters.

The posts were later un-archived during the legal campaigning period. 

Due to the extenuating circumstances outlined in the appeal, the Elections Committee has ruled to allow Pinard to be considered in the race once again.