Stuti Gupta / Sun Multimedia Staffer

April 29, 2024

MULTIMEDIA | What are the Coalition for Mutual Liberation’s Demands?

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According to a Coalition for Mutual Liberation press statement sent to The Sun on Sunday, Cornell’s administration agreed to open negotiations over the encampment demonstrators’ eight demands on Saturday.

CML — the organizing coalition behind the encampment — released a statement on Thursday that read: “Students and their supporters are prepared to remain in the encampment until their demands are met or the University removes them from campus.”

As the encampment enters its fifth day, watch The Sun’s explanation of what CML is specifically asking for.

Hosted by Gabriel Muñoz, Marian Caballo
Edited by Marian Caballo
Filmed by Nina Davis, Stuti Gupta
Produced by Marian Caballo, Anushka Shorewala