KIM | One Dirty Plastic Bowl at a Time

I raised my speckled, squished banana out of my backpack with a mission to find the nearest compost bin. My first stop: Trillium dining hall. As soon as I entered, I saw the row of large bins and posters and spotted the small, almost unnoticeable compost sign posted to the side of where the rest of the bins were. But there was no bin. As a Trillium employee exited from the kitchen, I asked if she knew where the compost bin was.

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KIM | Say Hi

I climbed into the passenger seat of my Lyft ride and was immediately welcomed by the hefty gust of the heater blasting in my face. As we were en route, I briefly commented on the bone-chilling weather. A simple, small comment gradually developed into a lighthearted conversation about the warmth and food in California and the subtle beauties of Ithaca from a local’s perspective. My driver’s face lit up as she talked about her childhood growing up in Ithaca, reflecting on the coldest winter days where she would always go sledding with her friends and family. She recommended the circular sled because it would spin in all directions, transforming a simple slide into an exhilarating twirl.


KIM | California Is Still Home

For 17 days, the surface of the Earth flipped inside out, unleashing the ghastly pits of Hell. A paradise of a state and the town of Paradise itself were demolished, engulfed in the rapacious, formidable flames. Seeing the photos and videos, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first heard about the California wildfires. Entire houses were completely reduced to black wood chips. Cars were melted into the street like chocolate on a hot summer day.


KIM | Be Aware and Show You Care

October quickly came and went, taking with it the spirit of Halloween and stress-inducing prelims. One prelim after the next, I was constantly sucked into a whirlpool of tasks and deadlines. During this very busy time of the year, a holiday came and went, and reflecting on the past couple of weeks of the speedy month, I realized another event had slipped my mind. As I was leaving Mann Library one morning, I noticed a giant tri-fold wall in the corner near the entrance, dotted with small, hand-written notes promoting strength and speaking up. In big letters at the top, the board presented “National Domestic Violence Month” to its passing audience. We see these exhibitions, but our eyes are shrouded by events in our lives that directly affect us in the present and near future moments.


KIM | Disease-Free and Carefree

One day it’s sunny, with a moderate temperature of low-70s, welcoming bared arms and flip-flop tans. The next day, it’s storming, forcing me to dig into boxes and suitcases for winter clothes and my favorite socks. And sometimes, these opposing atmospheres collide within the same day, leaving me with unpleasantly squishy shoes, a flimsy, inverted umbrella, and a runny nose. Suffering from these unpredictable weather fluctuations, I could just feel the flu trying to pry and sneak past my immune system security unnoticed. It’s that time of year again.