Students protest on Ho Plaza in September.

Student Strikers To Demand Divestment Friday

For the second time this semester, student groups will hold a strike for climate justice. Students will march at 11:30 a.m. this Friday on Ho Plaza in a display of frustration at what they see as the insufficient actions of leaders in the face of climate change.

The GPSA will meet to vote on the resolution on Nov. 18.

GPSA Considers Resolution to Condemn Dismissal of Julia Feliz

Following the actions taken by the Student Assembly and amidst concerns of the lack of information, the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly considered a new resolution to condemn Cornell’s dismissal of Julia Feliz from the Alliance for Science program. Feliz was dismissed from the program on the grounds that they “utilized the classroom environment to discuss [their] satisfaction with the program,” as stated in the dismissal letter that Feliz received. Feliz, on the other hand, said that the University failed to address their reports of racism in the department. Feliz’s dismissal has since prompted significant student protest and heated discussion. The GPSA resolution was introduced to the assembly by Arielle Johnson grad, a voting member and representative of life sciences.