Bike Lane May Be Added to State Street

In order to facilitate bicycle travel between Cornell, Collegetown and downtown Ithaca, the City of Ithaca is considering building a bike lane on the eastbound, or uphill, side of East State Street. The bike lane would extend between the “tuning fork” intersection of East State Street with Seneca Way and Green Street near the Commons and its intersection with Mitchell Street.
The proposal also calls for the relocation of the street’s centerline in order to widen the westbound lane from its present 12 feet to approximately 15 or 16 feet.

Hip Hop Activist Discusses Cultural Identity

Rosa Clemente M.A. ’98, grassroots political organizer and self-described Hip Hop activist, presented a lecture in Ujamaa on Sunday evening focusing on her unique experiences campaigning for a multitude of social causes. Clemente also spoke about the importance of understanding one’s own cultural identity.
A co-founder of the National Hip Hop Convention, Clemente defined hip-hop activism as a post-Civil Rights era context for promoting change among the generation of black Americans who grew up in the 1970s and early to mid ’80s, coinciding with the rise of hip-hop music and culture.

Cornell Moves Some Offices to East Hill

Cornell University has moved 160 employees from several of its non-academic departments to a new office building it recently opened behind the East Hill Plaza off Pine Tree Road. In addition to creating more space for faculty and students on campus, the three-story, 60,000 square foot East Hill Office Building will accommodate several administrative functions by allowing staff to collaborate more easily on a day-to-day basis.
“We used to be spread out in five different locations across campus. Now we’re down the hall from one another,” said Margaret Matta, a division project manager.
Furthermore, the EHOB is equipped with joint meeting rooms, video conferencing technology and a furnished lobby where up to 40 employees can converge.