Hard Time

D.A. Wilkinson announces the charges at a press conference held at the Ithaca Police Department on Friday, June 19. (l-r) Cpt. James Barnes, New York State Police; Chief Ed Vallely, Ithaca Police Department; Gwen Wilkinson, Tompkins County District Attorney; Capt. Lawrence Jackman, New York State Police; Corporal Al Ogden, Pennsylvania State Police.

Tata talks

Ratan Tata ’59, chairman and CEO of the multinational conglomerate Tata Sons Ltd., stresses the importance of corporate social responsibility to an audience of students and alumni on Friday.


President David Skorton and Vice President for Human Resources Mary Opperman are met with organizers Mike Allen and Terry Sharpe while a protest interrupts “Day Hall Talks Diversity” on Ho Plaza yesterday.

In solidarity

Supporters of Chris Donohoe ’09, who was removed from his leadership position in the Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship last week, staged a silent demonstration in support of LGBT rights in front of McGraw Hall on Friday.

Small is Bountiful: Miguel Altieri on Agroecology and the World Food Crisis

Hunger and malnutrition are ancient problems. So much has been said and written on the subject of feeding the 6.7 billion people on Earth that the discussion has progressed from an instinctual question of “what’s for dinner” into an unwieldy, amorphous cloud of questions — about nutrition, about politics, about the environment — for which there seem to be no easy answers.

Opening remarks

Cornell Executive Vice President Steve Golding addresses the audience in Sage Chapel during Spirit of Sustainability Lunch Series event yesterday.

Changing the law

Asmita Basu, who helped to enact the Domestic Violence Act in India, speaks yesterday in Myron Taylor Hall.