DARKBLOOM | Eulogy for a Stocks Lawyer

Yves and I reminisce on how differently we saw and continue to see this tale: the corporate attorney, graduate from Cornell Law, with an open door to what appeared to be a vivacious life. Only to wake up one day and realize that the Wild West has been domesticated. 

AMADOR | A Hunter and Its Prey

It has been 10 years since I had a machine gun pointed to my head. In a moment like this, your life spirals in countless different directions; the meaningless consistencies of your daily life hurtle around you, and eventually coalesce into a single feeling: longing. The morning coffees that cleanse your minty breath, the rooster’s sunrise song, the way your mother holds the space between your fingers, ever so loosely, as she walks you to school. Almost as if to say, in touch, I want you to be free from me. To live. To learn. To grow. But I am afraid. 

AMADOR | Why I Choose to Write

Yet despite the change in character, my story has followed me to Ithaca. It reminded me of a key fact of my life: you can leave the wetlands, master the English language and run as far as your heels and heart can carry. Yet, the story runs with you.