IFC Votes to Re-Recognize Sigma Pi Fraternity; House Will Be Required to Have Dry Rush

The InterFraternity Council voted at their weekly meeting last night to make the Sigma Pi fraternity an associate member of the IFC — a decision that will be recognized by the University.
The IFC also decided that the fraternity can vote in the council and that it will be up for review in a year. Additionally, the fraternity will be allowed to hold rush in January, though it will be required to be dry.
The decision comes about a year after the fraternity had to send four freshmen, two of whom required life-sustaining medical treatment, to Cayuga Medical Center due to excessive alcohol consumption at a Thanksgiving dinner in November. The incident caused Sigma Pi to lose its official University recognition and IFC membership.

Fencing Finishes Semester at Brandeis Invitational

On Sunday the fencing team will travel to Massachusetts for the Brandeis Invitational, Cornell’s last tournament of the semester. The team will face off against Boston College, St. John’s, Haverford, MIT, Yale and Brown, as well as the host Brandeis.
“We’re facing really strong competitors,” head coach Iryna Dolgikh said, “but the success we showed at the Cornell Invitational will help us go ahead and beat many of the others.”
She said the team has good chances against Boston College, MIT and Brandeis, and had played close matches with several of the other schools in previous years. The team’s biggest threat seems to be St. John’s, which did very well in last year’s NCAA tournament.

Offseason Training Creates High Hopes

This year, the fencing team expects to be better than ever. With hardly any recently graduated seniors and several new freshmen, team captain Katherine Thompson said, “All three squads are getting better.”
“The climate and discipline of the team changed a lot [this year],” agreed head coach Iryna Dolgikh. “There is a lot more discipline.”
After strong individual showings by the women at the Temple Collegiate Open, the team will be tested in the upcoming months at the Brandeis and Wellesley Invitationals coming up in December and January.

Cornellians React to India Terror

This Thanksgiving weekend people all over the world were transfixed by the violence taking place in Mumbai, India, as terrorists went on a 59-hour siege of the city. The attacks, which according to The Times of India, killed 183 people and wounded another 239 at 10 locations, lasted from Wednesday to Saturday. Most of the killings occurred at the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower Hotel. The Taj Hotel is owned by the Tata group, the chair of which is Ratan Tata ’62, who gave a $50 million endowment to Cornell in October.
The attacks have affected the lives of several Cornellians, including those from India and Pakistan and those planning to study abroad in the area.

Israeli Rock Stars Bring Music and Politics to Noyes

Think back to seventh grade when you and your friends attended bar-mitzvahs every weekend. You all felt like you should be dancing, but couldn’t be the first one to start it. So instead, you and everyone else just kind of stood there bopping your head awkwardly.
Now imagine that one of those bar-mitzvahs was in Noyes, with a bunch of Cornellians in attendance and a really awesome Israeli band playing. That is what the Hadag Nachash concert felt like last Thursday night.

Fencing Wins First Team Match

This weekend the fencing team dominated at the Cornell Fencing Invitational, the team’s first — and last — home meet of the season. They defeated Yeshiva University, 27-0, and Stevens Institute of Technology, 20-7 on Sunday. Stevens also beat Yeshiva, 20-7.
“I’m glad with how well we did,” said team captain junior Katherine Thompson.[img_assist|nid=33878|title=‘X’ marks the spot|desc=Freshman foil specialist Rebecca Hirschfield competes in her individual fice-touch match against Yeshival University on Sunday. The Red won, sweepig Yeshiva, 27-0.|link=node|align=left|width=|height=0]

Red Favored in Season-Opening Tournament

This Sunday, the fencing team will host its only home tournament of the season when Stevens Institute of Technology and Yeshiva University travel to Ithaca for the Cornell Fencing Invitational.
“We have a good relationship with these schools,” said head coach Iryna Dolgikh. “And I’m very sure my girls will show good results.”
[img_assist|nid=33804|title=Tag, you’re it|desc=The fencing team will host its only home tournament of the year this Sunday.|link=node|align=left|width=|height=0]
Cornell beat both schools last year, as well as Johns Hopkins, which will not be returning this year. In all three matchups, Cornell’s score was 63-18.
The tournament is significant in that it is the first team-based tournament of the semester.

Spotlight On: Hadag Nachash

Hadag Nachash (“Snake Fish” in Hebrew) is one of Israel’s most famous hip-hop bands — and beloved the world over, by Hebrew speakers and non-Hebrew speakers alike. Sun News Editor Jasmine Marcus ’10 called up Sha’anan Streett, the band’s lead singer and songwriter, and spoke to him about their tour, politics and why even non-Hebrew speakers can “get down to the groove”.

The Sun: How’s your tour been going so far?
Sha’anan Streett: It’s been going great. Right now we’re in Los Angeles. We were in San Francisco, D.C., Ann Arbor, Michigan, New York City and we’re going to hit Cornell tomorrow!
Sun: And what are your plans for after the tour?
S.S.: We’re gonna go back to Israel and rest a little. Then we’ll start rehearsal and writing for the new album.

Three Fencers Crack Top 10 in First Tourney of Year

The fencing team got off to a great start this weekend with its first tournament of the season. After two open pools, several Red fencers made it to the direct elimination round, with three women making placing in the top-10.
The Temple Collegiate Open, which was attended by 32 colleges, is an individual tournament and therefore does not count towards the NCAA championships. Nevertheless, head coach Iryna Dolgikh said the team used the event to “check our power” and introduce the freshmen to college-level fencing.

Open Is First Test for Red Freshman

The fencing team is heading to Philadelphia for the Temple Collegiate Open this Saturday.
“This weekend will be some of the best fencing, because there will be lots of people with lots of experience,” said junior captain Katherine Thompson.
[img_assist|nid=33595|title=Touche|desc=The women’s fencing team places first in last year’s Cornell Invitational. This Saturday, the team is heading to Philadelphia to compete in the Temple Collegiate Open.|link=node|align=left|width=|height=0]
The open is an individual tournament that consists of two sessions of round robin style open pools, followed by a direct elimination round. Since the tournament is individual, it does not count towards the team’s record or for the team members’ NCAA records.