Wegmans Hacks: $15 for a Week’s Groceries

Coming back from winter break and getting into the swing of things can be hard, especially if you relied on your family to do all the grocery shopping and meal planning for you during the holidays. If you’re anything like me, your first step back into the world of independence will be a trip to Wegmans.

Recipes for Election Night Disaster

Thinking of throwing your own election night party, but don’t know what to make? I’ve devised the perfect menu to appease both sides of the aisle before you inevitably begin crying with anxiety into your wine glass.

Vegan for a Week

To be clear, this is not an article on the morals of going vegan. For my purposes, I really don’t care about the ethical background of not eating animal products. I care about weighing the costs and benefits and documenting my week-long vegan journey.

A Mixed Review

When I heard that a new restaurant was opening in Ithaca, I was ecstatic. I get tired of arguing with my friends over where to eat, only to decide on the same restaurant we went to the week before. I love the Ithaca classics, but I was ready for something new.

The Stars Align for Madeline’s Brunch

I love good food. But I also love good dining experiences. I love restaurants where you can sit for hours and not notice the time passing. I love restaurants that offer more than food to sit over while you make small talk. I believe that dining should be an event. Madeline’s was able to offer this.

Top Three $10 Meals

I decided to set out on a mission to find affordable Ithacan food that satisfies Tuesday night cravings while providing a fun Friday night atmosphere. Finding lunch deals is child’s play; I wanted a real challenge. Armed with only $10 a meal, I ventured out into the Ithaca wilderness to see if I could realize my dream of cheap food.