The Kid LAROI: Playing the Anti-Hero

It’s hard to toss an old mindset in a dustbin and sweep it away. LAROI has gone through the vicissitudes of life in a short 17 year span. This experience has created the ambiguous lens through which he now views the world. So, to create a coherent view of himself and the world around him, The Kid LAROI often eschews reality and creates his own.

The Story of Starting Over

“Dancing with the Devil…The Art of Starting Over” truly takes the listener on this journey, from being in the midst of her dark moments, to finally being in a good place. The album is raw, honest and extremely emotional.

TEST SPIN | Ben Howard’s ‘Collections from the Whiteout’

Overall, Collections From the Whiteout is an album that I respect more than I like — it clearly represents an artist pushing themselves to their boundaries and putting an immense amount of thought into crafting their perfect album, but a casual music listener like me doesn’t necessarily need an album to be high art.

Drake’s ‘Scary Hours 2’: For the Fans and the Charts

“Scary Hours 2” might not be as spooky as the name implies, but it’s a worthwhile listen nonetheless. The project is classic Drake — Instagram-caption lines, atmospheric production and a hard-hitting Rick Ross verse. It’s what one would expect from the rapper, sure to satisfy the fans looking for some new Drake in their lives.

Spotify and Digital Surveillance

It’s not new that Spotify is extracting data points from the kinds of music that people listen to at different times of the day. But what is new, is that a few months ago Spotify was granted a patent by the US government that allows it to monitor users’ speech for a wild new range of data collection.

Why Boycotting the Grammys Isn’t Enough

This demonstrates a deeper issue than just music politics: the pursuit for acceptance of what’s considered mainstream or white. I see this every day when Black people drop their accents and stop using African-American Vernacular English in front of white people. I see this every time a Black kid doesn’t want to talk about racism in their mostly white class because they don’t want to be considered a race-baiter. We are constantly searching for approval we never receive.

KUDVA DRISKELL | Between Hyperpop and Folk Punk

At the time, I assumed that my love for hyperpop, which very quickly expanded into an obsession with osquinn and Dorian Electra, was simply because I was cooped up inside. But as time passed, I found that my hyperpop phase was more than a phase. There was something about the chipmunked vocals, brash synth melodies, and unabashed love for early 2000s internet culture that kept me coming back for more.