DENSON | Bartolo Colon for MVP

Have you heard the story about the house cat looking at itself in the mirror and seeing a lion? Or the one about our perennial narcissist, Kanye West, insisting that he is in fact God? But my favorite is the one about the 285-pound, 42-year-old Mets pitcher who, I think, can be a dangerous batter. Just two days ago, the Mets pitcher, former Cy Young winner Bartolo Colon, hit a monster home run during a spring training batting practice session — Mets beat reporter Marc Craig claims it “took out a tree branch.” After setting his season high in hits last season — with eight — I can see a batting title in Colon’s near future. It’s no coincidence that Bartolo’s new contract has an incentive clause worth $50,000 if he wins the Silver Slugger Award.