SPARACIO | Are We the Next “Lost Generation”?

It’s been three weeks of walking to class and three weeks of “the real college experience.” These three weeks have felt oddly normal with ClubFest and homecoming crowds littered with masks and bustling with the awaited conviction that this is what college is really like. These events allow for the essence of normality. Though as I walked through the Arts Quad with my friend, we talked about still feeling “lost.”

It’s been three weeks of Ithaca’s characteristic sunsets, one of the only things that’s remained the same on campus. Sunsets of orange and violet capture day fading into night, painting a backdrop of color on our time here. As a sophomore, I’m still learning where the buildings are and I’m still being mistaken for a freshman.

COTTON | A Winning Formula

Successful football teams nearly always do two things: establish the run on offense and stop the run on defense. As the 2018 season continues to unfold, the Red is proving to be more and more capable at both.

KANTOR | Get Ready to Pump The Brakes — For Now

It is very likely that Delaware is going to take Cornell to the cleaners this Saturday. When the Red traveled down to Newark last year, the Blue Hens won with ease. Starting the first drive of the game with a fumble, the Red fell behind early, eventually losing 41-14 to Delaware.