Fighting The Good Fight in Trump’s America

The stakes are real and authentic in The Good Fight on CBS All Access. This rawness is visible in the show’s opening sequence, which intersplices explosions of luxury items like aged Scotch and Birkin bags with footage of top news stories, including Trump’s criticizing the media and the rally in Charlottesville. The show’s connection to current America is even deeper than just these references. Each episode is give the title “Day XXX,” which represents the number of days Trump has been in office as each episode airs. This show does not attempt to escape or shy away from reality as some other shows do, but rather embraces the uneasiness and division within the real world.

The Sun Talks With 60 Minutes Founder Hewitt

In 1968, CBS premiered 60 Minutes, the brainchild of Don Hewitt, a producer who worked for CBS. The show was the first investigative news program to showcase reporters as stars in their own right. The theory was that the reporters’ stardom would sell the stories and the show to the public.