Big Red Hacking For a 5th Year and Beyond!

Sixty-seven teams representing Cornell and other universities such as Princeton and Binghamton came together to brainstorm and develop projects ranging from website applications to hardware prototypes that centered around this year’s theme of “Community Superheros.”

Former Google VP Amit Singhal Ph.D. ’96 Received $15 Million Parachute Despite Claims of Sexual Harassment, Lawsuit Reveals

Google agreed to pay $15 million to Amitabh Singhal Ph.D. ’96, a former senior vice president in charge of its search engine, as part of an agreement reached when Singhal resigned from the company in 2016 following accusations of sexual harassment against him, a lawsuit unsealed in early March revealed, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Univ. Upgrades Student E-mail

As part of a transition to third-party e-mail vendors, the University is slated to announce later this week that starting on Thursday students will be able to access their Cornell e-mail through a Google-based server, like Gmail, called “Cmail”
Cmail, provided by Google Apps Education Edition, is currently available to new, incoming students when they activate their Net ID. The University will offer another third-party e-mail alternative –– through Microsoft-based services, Microsoft Live and Outlook Live –– starting this fall.
Features such as Google Talk (instant messaging and video chat), Google calendars, Google sites, and Google Docs will be available to all Cornell students using Cmail. In addition, students will keep their current [email protected] with Cmail.

Mail Goggles: Making the World a Better Place

When we think of making the world a better place, we often think of large-scale accomplishments, for instance, donating millions of dollars to research or helping end hunger in third-world countries. And while those are absolutely important, we shouldn’t forget to recognize the small-scale accomplishments–the ideas that make our lives easier and more trouble-free.

It’s in that spirit that this blog post honors Google engineer Jon Perlow, who has created a feature called Mail Goggles for GMail users. It is intended to prevent people from “drunk emailing”, or sending embarrassing emails while under the influence of alcohol.