SEX ON THURSDAY | The Art of Kissing

A year ago, give or take, I was hooking up with this guy at a public park in the middle of the night. How we got there doesn’t matter — partially because I forget why we ended up there — but alas, that was the setting. We made out on a park bench for about an hour before this man had the audacity to tell me that he was getting bored. 

I remember cocking my head to the side, my brow knitting together in confusion. Surely this boy was not getting bored of me, or of the slightly creepy ambiance we had found ourselves in. When I asked him how he could possibly be bored, he told me that it was because all we were doing was kissing. 

Even with his clarification, my confusion wasn’t resolved. Making out is the best thing that humans ever figured out how to do. Kissing, period, is the best thing that has happened to society since men stopped living as nomads and started kissing everyone in their primitive little settlements.

SEX ON THURSDAY | Ethical Sluttery and Solo-Polyamory

When it comes to romance and sexual relations, I seek novelty. I seek the nervous excitement of a budding romance or an unfamiliar fuck. But I also seek the comfort, reliability, unconditional affection and deep connection fostered within a longer-term romance or fuckbuddyship. My “exclusive” high school relationship supplied me with the latter, but at the expense of that novelty which I now know is equally important to my overall romantic and sexual satisfaction. Only in college did I come to terms with my need for both at once, and with the possibility of ethically having both at once via polyamory. 

SEX ON THURSDAY | Love Song to a Stranger

My boyfriend of five months, Desert Not-So Solitaire, was snoring softly next to me, his arm curled around my back. It was winter, so instead of sleeping in his car, he had struck up a deal and was living in an unfinished guest house in someone’s backyard. The house didn’t have a heater, so breath rose from my lips in little puffs, but I was warm underneath our blanket. I wanted to be moved by his soft smile and how peacefully he was sleeping. I felt my stomach clench; a rising nausea overtook me.