Oh Baby…

“How to explain this movie in a nutshell? Well, Baby drives the car. But music drives Baby.” That’s what director Edgar Wright had to say about this film on the opening page of the soundtrack booklet. Yes, I paid money for a physical copy of the soundtrack, a CD with 30 songs on it. Suffice it to say, if you’re looking for a contrarian, negative review of Baby Driver, go watch some hack on YouTube lashing out for more followers.

Test Spin: Jamie Foxx

It has been three years since Oscar and Grammy award-winner Jamie Foxx released a studio album. His 2005 record Unpredictable was — despite mediocre material — a surprise hit, certified double platinum at the height of his Oscar-winning Ray hype, and produced a #1 R&B hit. Now removed from his peak acting success, Foxx aims to replicate his recording success with Intuition, an equally star-studded affair featuring guest spots from A-listers including Lil Wayne, Kanye West, The-Dream, T.I. and Ne-Yo. In interviews leading up to the album’s release, Foxx promised that this album, unlike his previous slow-jam slogging record, would be targeted more towards the clubs.