SWASING | The Cycle of Mentorship

We’ve all been guided through one problem or another during our time here because someone older than us offered advice, introduced us to a new solution or path or in some way shed light on information that we never would have found otherwise. It is our job as upperclassmen to continue that cycle.

ONONYE | Seniors, It’s Our Turn to be Mentors

During my freshman year, I joined Building Ourselves through Sisterhood and Service, a peer mentoring program for womxn of color on campus. Every year B.O.S.S. assigns upper-level mentors to  first-year and sophomore womxn on campus. It is very much a get-as-much-as-you-put-in sort of organization. They provide brunches, movie nights and service opportunities for mentor-mentee pairs to bond, but still encourage them to get to know each other beyond scheduled events.