KAMBHAMPATY | Remember the Milk Carton?

I heard a professor once say you only really understand the world when you have a child and see them live through it. You live your life twice, once through experience and then through seeing your children understand it. I find that art is another way to try and understand the world — an impossible feat, but why not attempt, while we’re here? Stephen Shore, one of the world’s most influential and innovative photographers, is best known for his images of mundane scenes and for pioneering the use of color in art photography. I urge you to look up American Surfaces and Uncommon Places for visual clarity before you proceed.

Alumni Undergraduate Project Featured at MoMA in New York City

When Laura Zwanziger ’15 and Brandon Wen ’15 began working on a project for their product development class at Cornell, they never imagined that four years later, their final product would be on display in the Museum of Modern Art in New York, one of the largest modern art museums in the world. In their sophomore year, the two fiber science and apparel design majors were tasked with designing a collection for underrepresented demographics. It was Wen who came up with the idea to design for the plus-sized market. “I actually got the idea from a nude drawing class where I realized I enjoyed drawing plus-size models because of the elegance and curves of their bodies and thought it would be a great translation to fashion,” Wen said. However, the two quickly ran into a dilemma, Zwanziger said.