Bracelets and Bubbles: Undergraduate Leads Initiative for More “Play Spaces” on Campus

As final exam season approaches, it is common for students to experience stress while on campus. To encourage students to take a break from studying and return to their childlike sense of curiosity, Debbie Jung ’23 has spearheaded a new campus initiative. “I think college students need to engage in more play,” Jung said. “Especially because this is a stressful place… and people lose that playfulness or that childlike curiosity through which they view the world.” 

To help students do that, Jung — a design and environmental analysis major in the College of Human Ecology — has begun a “Play Spaces” initiative on campus. Jung held her second “Big Red Beads” event of the semester on May 2.

BARAN | And On the Seventh Day, God Watched Mediocre Comedy in Bed

As my roommate came out of the bathroom, I voiced my thoughts. “I don’t even think SNL skits are all that funny. Why have I been watching them on repeat for the past two hours?” Trevor turned towards me, sloppily knocking two cups off my table as he did so. His eyes swam, then focused on me. “It’s escapism,” he slurred. “God said to rest on the Sabbath.”