Record Number of Students Attend Rush

As the spring semester at Cornell begins, annual recruitment week has come to a close. The rush class this year was comprised of a record number of freshmen, sophomores and transfers including 719 potential fraternity members. New members received bids to the Panhellenic Association’s 11 chapters and the Interfraternity Council’s 41 chapters.
The recruitment process was very different for boys and girls. The potential sorority members spent their days meeting sisters in each house and taking house tours.[img_assist|nid=34200|title=Behind the eight ball|desc=Doug Kuts ’09 plays pool at a fraternity’s rush event on Wednesday|link=node|align=left|width=|height=0]

Text Messaging Creates Recent Recruiting Buzz

That's Kuhls, Baby

It’s not even six in the morning, and yet Red junior first-team All-Ivy tailback Luke Siwula is wide awake, already having showered and had breakfast before heading out to his grueling summer workout. Not many people are up with the roosters on these Friday mornings, and yet, despite the small chance that someone has tried to get in touch with him at this odd hour, Siwula checks his phone anyway — on the screen reads the alert that he has one new text message, sent only minutes ago from offensive coordinator Clayton Carlin. In plain black text it reads, What are you going to do to get better today?