TRUSTEE VIEWPOINT | We Need to Talk About OrgSync

Last semester, we had the opportunity to sit in on a meeting between President Pollack and a group of graduate and professional student leaders. These meetings are regular opportunities for students to communicate issues directly to senior administrators. Topics range anywhere from event management to support for student-parents to diversity and inclusion on campus. At the end of this meeting in particular, as students were packing up and preparing to leave, one of us casually mentioned, “At some point, we should probably talk about OrgSync too.” Everyone paused. The energy in the room changed.

Students Develop Smart Note Taking System, Education Themed Software at BigRed Hacks

From Friday to Sunday, teams of programmers, designers and students from a variety of backgrounds raced against the clock to produce impactful software. BigRed Hacks, the oldest student-run hackathon at Cornell, drew upon a large number of students from across the country. “Part of what I feel our mission is, is to relieve tension and show people that you really don’t have to be a genius to have fun and learn things at hackathons. The only thing you need is the will to try,” said Jeffrey Van ’19, a student organizer at the event. Abhishek Velayudham, a sophomore majoring in computer science at the University of Maryland, College Park, reflected on what motivated him to attend the event.

Windows 7: Downgrades Included

It’s been pretty obvious that Vista is not doing as well as Microsoft had hoped it would. So in an attempt to save its franchise, Microsoft has embarked on a mission to create a better Windows, namely Windows 7. You should all understand that the offer to try the beta had ended back in February, so if you’re hoping to pick up a copy to play around with, you’re straight out of luck.

Antivirus roundup

If there are any words that nobody ever wants to hear, they‘re that “you have a virus on your computer”. Just thinking about the word virus sends chills down someone’s spine. While there are genuinely benign viruses that annoy you (the ambulance virus comes to mind), other viruses, such as Trojans that allow others to access your computer, are not so friendly.

So obviously, antivirus programs are a big market that is expected to reach over 9 billion dollars by 2009. However, not all them are the same, and not all of them pack quite the same punch against the nasty little buggers floating around the Internet.