In response to “A hyperbolic article.” To the Editor:
I really appreciate your [Bhatterjee’s] time and effort in going over my Sun article and my original research article published in food chemistry. Let’s go over your concerns one by one:
Your first concern is regarding my statements being self-glorifying. I believe that I earned the admiration, honor and praise from the people of the food science community that includes members of my graduate committee, fellow food scientists and students for my work and I was only trying to express my joy. Your second concern is regarding my premature confidence.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | A Hyperbolic Article

To the editor:
I read the article “Is Stevia the sweetener…..” in Cornell Sun and must confess my disappointment on comparing between the contents of the said article and of the actual technical paper in which the findings were published [S MUDGAL, I KERESZTES, GW FEIGENSON and SSH RIZVI, “Controlling the taste receptor……” Food Chemistry 197, 84-91 (2016)]. In the article you [Mudgal] mention that you et. al. proved that “stevia could be ridden of its bitterness while retaining its sweetness.” For starters, this is misleading — it implies that a chemical reaction can be performed which nullifies the bitter taste of the stevia. On the other hand, the technical paper describes an attempt to selectively present the sweetness of stevia to the taste buds while masking the bitterness — a significantly different objective in my opinion.