DO | The Myth of Productivity

and saps you of your potent self-restraint. And when you lie feeble on the ground, conquered by your own fleshly impulses, I will probably be right next to you, in the exact same situation. 

BETTEZ | How to Work Smarter, Not Harder … From an Engineering Senior

My motivation is absolutely shot. I have absolutely no idea who that sophomore was who took four lab classes simultaneously one semester, but she absolutely wasn’t me. I suppose it’s a combination of COVID-19 making my classes all online as well as my senioritis, but I’m hardly the student I used to be. Instead of reviewing the week’s material in the A.D. White Library on a free Friday afternoon like I did as a freshman (haven’t done that since then), I curl up in my bed after every lecture I attend, exhausted. But thankfully, my grades haven’t slipped too much; I like to think that for every ounce of motivation I’ve lost, I’ve gained a little more savvy in how to work with efficiency.

Library or Dorm? The Impact of Environment on Studying

According to Smith, studying material over extended periods of time in various settings will ingrain the content into the mind as it has been seen in several different contexts, giving one more ways to access the information.

ALUR | A Cornellian’s Guide to Study Music


With the start of prelim season, I figured it was about time I presented my favorite musical artists for studying. Everyone operates differently when it comes to study music; while some enjoy the sound of silence whilst engaging with their work, others cannot operate without background noise. I’m somewhere in the middle: I like listening to music while I work, but I have different sonic needs depending on my work. Every type of work places distinctive demands on the mind. So, I’ve decided to put together “genre” and “work” pairings to keep you sane and productive through the rest of the semester.