Janet Jackson Never Had Control

Legendary singer and performer Janet Jackson released her documentary Janet on Lifetime and A&E on Jan. 28. The documentary explores her romances, her relationship with her iconic brother Michael and, of course, the Super Bowl Incident. However, all these aspects of her life tie back to one central theme: control.

A Super Bowl Supper Unlike Any Other

The Super Bowl is just another event in a list of many that will have to be adjusted to fit the times. Although we’ll gather in smaller groups and unusual locations, one thing doesn’t have to change — the menu.

MEISEL | Understanding the Superbowl

On Sunday Jan. 1991, 10 days before the commencement of Desert Storm — which kicked off with our noble nation dropping 88,500 tons worth of bombs onto the nation of Iraq — Whitney Houston stepped out to the microphone in a red, white and blue tracksuit. With a powerful voice trained in nightclubs and gospel choirs and accompanied by the Florida Orchestra, she then performed one of the best and most popular renditions of the Star Spangled Banner in U.S. history. It became a hit, actually charting at 20 on the Billboard Top 100. After Sept.

Selling the Superbowl

Sydney Arkin: Cash4Gold: Usually flooded with local lawyers and cars and trailers (oh my!), I was dreading watching the next thirty-second spot from this company. But Cash4Gold finally broke free from its sterility with a rapper advertising to change his gold for cash and explaining all the types of gold you could exchange. Of course you have gold things you could melt! You have a gold record from your great achievements! Liquefy the gold and out will come liquid assets! Props to Cash4Gold for stepping away from the dissuading infomercials and hopping on the ever more popular satirical train.