The Districts Release New Album, Return to The Haunt

The Districts released their new album Popular Manipulations August 11, featuring their former indie rock sound, but richer and more developed. The band hails from Pennsylvania and earned their modest fame during their high school years. The album opens with the song “If Before I Wake.”  The lyrics open with “thunder woke me up, it was storming in the city, I was suddenly wide awake.”  The song is the perfect introduction for the lyrically exciting album, as it acts as a wake up call for the band’s new success. The lyrics “too blessed to be depressed” and “god, I’m bending over, love me” perfectly exemplify Rob Grote’s raspy and addicting voice that captures and keeps the listener’s attention. “Violet” is the second song on the album that touches on past memories.

The Districts Break Hearts at the Haunt


I awaited The District’s arrival in Ithaca with anticipation for quite some time. I’ve found that after staying on campus for a long enough stretch, you start to miss pieces of home quite a lot. As a Philly resident and music lover, The Districts is one important piece of home. Thus I was delighted that, while all of Philly (plus over one million more) got to witness Pope Francis on Saturday, I got to go to The Haunt and rock out for the sixth time with my favorite Philly band. Baltimore-based rockers Sun Club opened, performing in promotion of their upcoming record The Dongo Durango.