SPARACIO | Speaking Truth to Power: My Congressman is a Liar

Since he assumed office on Jan. 3, Republican Congressman George Santos has been the subject of multiple investigations illuminating the extent to which he lied about his identity and fictionalized his entire resume throughout his campaign. He lied about having attended college, working at Goldman Sachs and about his finances. Amongst his more egregious lies are his claims that his mother died on 9/11, that his grandparents died in the Holocaust and that he is Jewish. How did this even happen in the first place?

BANKS | The Truth, Part Two

In my last column, I wrote at length about the truth. Operating with the definition used there, I would like to expand on what it can actually look like to talk about the truth. Since I am a cynical realist at heart, I am not going to elaborate on the bright side of this endeavor: those resplendent moments of success and growth, which are bound to happen because of how elegantly they perpetuate themselves. Rather, I will focus today on the moments when truth-sharing seems to fail. Sometimes, the talks I have with others about the truth of the world don’t go the way I had hoped.